Allison Salisbury

Head of Innovation

Interest Areas

Higher Education Innovation
New Postsecondary Models
Future of Work and Economic Opportunity


Allison is a Partner & Head of Innovation at Entangled, where she supports the design and launch of new ventures and collective action initiatives at the intersection of education and workforce. Since joining Entangled in 2017, she has supported the launch of multiple venture scale companies and collective action initiatives. She runs the Opportunity Pathways Network, is on the board of ReUp Education (an Entangled Company), and is an advisor to Concourse Education. She writes about the future of learning, work, and economic mobility for EdSurge, Inside Higher Education, and Forbes.

Prior to joining Entangled, Allison launched the higher education organization at EdSurge and ran innovation for the President at Davidson College. Inspired by how education can be a tool for individual and community empowerment, she began her career as a social justice educator designing and teaching experiential learning programs for undergraduates in the U.S. South and rural Thailand.