Originally published: Inside Higher Ed | By Paul Fain | Jun 15, 2017

Entangled Solutions, a company that focuses on innovation in higher education, this week released new third-party quality assurance standards. While the firm said it hopes a broad range of institutions will use the standards, they were designed in part for nontraditional ones like boot camps and online course providers.

The guidelines, which focus heavily on student outcomes, are designed to be a transparency and accountability system that could be an alternative to accrediting agencies. (Two principals from the company weighed in on quality issues in the for-profit higher education sector with an opinion piece in Inside Higher Ed today.)

“In order for a third-party quality-assurance system to be successful, there must be a framework of quality-assurance standards in place to measure and assess learning outcomes and student success so that reporting is transparent and trustworthy, and stakeholders can compare the outcomes from like programs,” the company said.